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Supercharge Your Video Sales Bots Conversions And...

"Generate 5x MORE Sales For You And Your Clients With No Additional Work..."

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Unleash Higher Converting Video Sales Bots For You And Your Clients...

Here's What You're Getting...

Pop-UP Video Campaigns

Make your Video Sales Bot “pop up” and start playing when your visitors perform a specific action on your site.  Such as clicking anywhere on your site, staying on your site for a certain amount of time, or when when someone tries to leave your site. Improve bounce rates immediately with this "conversion trick."

Pop-OVER Video Campaigns

"Hide” your Video Sales Bot within the content on yours or your client’s website and have it start playing when a visitor hovers over a certain sentence, phrase or image on your site!
This is the perfect addon for websites about a specific product or service. Have your Video Sales Bot close the deal for you once it "senses" someone is interested...

Sticky Video Campaigns

Keep your Video Sales Bots “front and center” on your website by making them "stick" as your visitors scroll down the page and browse through the content on your site.  This is like having your own virtual salesperson that lives on your website and follows your visitors around to complete any objective you want!
Big businesses LOVE this video conversion trick because it works...

Tab Video Campaigns

Place your Video Sales Bots in an animated, clickable tab in the corner of your websites and landing pages, constantly enticing your site's traffic to click! Once clicked, it summons your Video Sales Bot into action. Once your viewers are done interacting with your Video Sales Bot, they can conveniently collapse it back into an icon on the corner of your site. This gives your visitors ultimate control over their Video Sales Bot experience!

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No questions asked.

"Generate 5x MORE Sales For You And Your Clients With No Additional Work!"

Click Below NOW To Unlock The "Conversions Supercharger"  Upgrade & Explode Your Profits With "VideoCampaignor"!


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