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 Amy, a former school teacher from Ohio, has already earned over $200,000 helping businesses tap into The Automation Economy - AND NOW with this... YOU can be next!"

BIG NEWS: Your Customers Can Now Own THEIR slice of a BOOMING $214B industry HELPING businesses embrace AUTOMATION during the BIGGEST human worker shortage since World War II...

New App Creates Interactive 'Video Sales Bots' 🤖...

Your Own Personal ARMY Of Automated Virtual Workers You Can RENT OUT To Businesses For $1,000 /Mo

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 NO Selling or Meeting w/ Clients!

 NO Tech Skills Needed!

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"Video Campaignor!"
Our NEW first-to-market software AND training platform allows your customers to ...
Profit From today's "Automation Economy"  By Offering "Video Sales Bots" To Local Businesses in ANY Niche!

 NO Selling or Talking w/ Clients!

 NO Tech Skills Needed!

 100% Newbie Friendly!

What ARE "Video Sales Bots"?
And HOW will they make your customers money?
Well, we already know how much local businesses have been struggling since the pandemic…

First, they were forced to shut down their brick and mortar stores and learn how to sell their products and services online or go out of business.
Fast forward to TODAY in late 2022 and they’re now battling a NEW problem…

Record high inflation and the BIGGEST shortage of workers since World War 2!

"Big brands have turned to Artificial Intelligence and AUTOMATION to solve these problems…"

Allowing them to cut expenses and reduce their reliance on human workers.
Name: "Morgan"
Location: California, USA
Income Generated: $7,000+
Meet Morgan from California.

So far, she's earned over $7,000 helping 20 different businesses enter The Automation Economy.
Source: Upwork.com
Name: "Jason"
Location: Delaware, USA
Income Generated: $60,000+
Meet Jason from Delaware.

He’s helped 22 different businesses enter The Automation Economy, earning him over $60,000 - so far.
Source: Upwork.com
Name: "Amy"
Location: Ohio, USA
Income Generated: $200,000+
Meet Amy from Ohio.

A former school teacher who's earned over $200,000 helping businesses enter The Automation Economy.
Source: Upwork.com
And NOW:


Can Be Next…

Because, local businesses KNOW they need to do this too, but they have NO IDEA where to begin!

This is where “Video Sales Bots” and The Big Opportunity for your customers to offer them to local businesses come in…
Video Sales Bots are a NEW type of Interactive Video that combines the power of A.I. Video Actors and Chat Bots to create…

Life-like “Virtual Employees” That Work Around The Clock For Local Businesses Selling Their Products and Services FOR THEM So They Don’t Have To!

And POWERFUL Interactive Videos From ANY Video On The Internet!

Interactive Call To Action Buttons

Video funnel with 3 branching videos, interactive call-to-action buttons

Interactive opt-in form

Interactive map and call-to-action button

Skippable Video Chapters

Evergreen countdown timer

Vertical Video, Text & CTA

Vertical Video, Text & CTA

Your Customers Are Getting EVERYTHING They Need To Succeed:




Video Campaignor is ALSO ...

JAM PACKED With Interactive Video

Conversion Driving Features Your Customers Will LOVE!

  • Supports any kind of video; use any video link from YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, Groove.com, or any MP4 video link from the internet. You can also upload video from your device
  • Turn your videos into mini-engagement hubs by adding unlimited interactive elements including Texts, Images, Objects, Cut-outs, and playing Videos inside your video 
  • Quadruple conversions on your videos by adding clickable buy buttons and calls-to-action, shoppable products and services 
  • Collect payments through PayPal and Stripe directly from your videos 
  • Move your viewers to act by adding urgency and deadline signals to your videos; choose between evergreen and standard countdown timer options
  • Thrill your viewers and engage them more by adding interactive gamification and incentives to your videos 
  • ​Gather important marketing data by adding interactive quizzes and polls to your videos 
  • Build leads and grow your lists by adding interactive opt-in forms and lead magnets in your videos. The built-in seamless automation instantly sends these leads to chosen lists in your auto-responder services
  • Promote your brand on social media by adding interactive social share to your videos
  • Force viewers to act by switching on gates and content locking; add interactive button gate, lead gate, CTA gate, quiz gate, share gate, product or service gate, video gate, gamification gate, etc
  • Protect your videos by adding customizable watermarks; choose between image and text watermarks
  • Add html code to your videos aimed at achieving any marketing goal
  • Convince your viewers with real-live locations by adding interactive maps in your videos 
  • Add tracking codes and pixels to build an audience across your advertising platforms like Facebook
  • Give viewers full control of their viewing experience by adding interactive clickable and skippable video chapters
  • Allow viewers to choose their own adventure and path with branching videos and video funnels. Create branching videos with any YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, Groove video or MP4 video link or use any video you can upload from your device; link branching videos together with clickable texts, images, buttons, shapes, etc., add unlimited interactive elements to any branching video in your video funnel with the ability to auto-play branching videos (includes pre-built niche video funnel templates)
  • Get viewers to focus on any chosen portion of the video by defining the start and end points of your video play time
  • Allow viewers to touch any object in your video; make objects in your video touchable to your viewers with Hotspots, clicking on the hotspot will lead to the content or action of your choice. Add unlimited hotspots to unlimited objects and points in your video, attach the best corresponding actions to hotspots and use customizable overlays to further serve your content and convert viewers. 
  • Entice viewers with animations; animate any element in your video, choose and apply from 50+ animations on 10 different animation categories including attention seeking animations, back entrance animations, bouncing entrance animations, fading entrance animations, flipping animations, light speed animations, rotating entrance animations, zooming entrance animations, sliding animations, and special animations 
  • Properly customize your video player features to match your brand; choose from 6 ready-made animated and static play icons, customize colors, 15 ready-made animated and static play skins, add and customize video thumbnails, etc 
  • Multi-lingual support: edit texts on all interactive elements in any language you can type in from your device, including your native/country language 
  • Data is everything: you get full access to your campaign performance reporting and analytics including views and clicks analytics, regional analytics, device analytics, viewer source analytics, etc.
  • Use Integrated photo libraries to enhance your videos!
  • And much more...

Your Subscribers Are Going To Thank You

For Bringing Them Video Campaignor!


Hardcoded Leads, $ For Leads, $ For Top
Lead Generator!


Sep 18th @ 8PM EDT | Sep 19th @ 10 AM EDT

The Funnel

Video Campaignor



- Create up to 5 campaigns for your own business/websites (cannot sell to clients)



- Create and sell up to 50 campaigns for you or your clients.

- 50 Done For You Video Sales Bots in the hottest niches.

- The $50k Roadmap Training.

- Copy & Paste Client Getting Emails.

Video Campaignor 
Conversions Supercharger


Unlock additional campaign types like Popup Video, Popover Video, Sticky Video, Tab Video, and Tracking Pixels!

Video Campaignor 


Unlock Unlimited Capabilities! Customer gets access to create unlimited interactive videos and unlimited video campaigns!

Video Campaignor 
Deal Page Hero


Create full blown video landing pages you can use to run special offers and deals to your audience, with payment options, free hosting and much more!

Video Campaignor 
Page Hijacker


Legally hijack almost any live website on the internet and display your videos on them! Great for affiliate marketing.

$12,000 + In Total
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All WITHOUT The Usual "Profit-Killing Friction" Found with "Old School Mobile Apps"...

 NO telling customers to: "Go to the app store to download our app"
 NO need for them to enter their device password to download the app
 NO waiting for the app to download & install on their device...
And the CRAZIEST part of all?

This ONE "Instant App" Works on ANY Device!

ANY mobile phone (iOs, Android etc) and ANY desktop computer.
 NO need to spend more money creating separate apps for Apple and Android phones, ever again!